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Technical informations

The technical specifications present on this website come directly from those published by the manufacturer of the products listed on the catalogue.

Digitalbird reserves itsself the right to modify and/or adjust the technical informations and the dimensions of the products on the catalogue based on what will be communicated by the manufacturers, also without any notice.

Availability and delivery times

The delivery tiimes indicated on the website are refer to the availability in our warehouses. The indication "immediate delivery" means that at least 1 unit of that product is present in our warehouse and will be shipped the same day or the next following one.

In case that an "average" delivery time is indicated, it means the product is not available and has to be ordered. The times indicated are average values and can change according to the seasonal period. In case of delays the cutomer will be immediately informed and in case delay is more than 30days he/she (the customer) will have the options to either cancel the order or to be fully refunded in case of anticipated payment.

At the moment of shipment, an email will be sent to the customer indicating all informations about the order and the codes the tracking of merchandise to its destination.

Orders and prices

The orders will only and exclusively be accepted in written form, by fax or via our website. The customer who sends the order via internet will receive order confirmation; he/she will also receive an email summarizing all order informations and order number.

All prices on the website are to be considered after VAT (VAT included). Prices can be modified any moment, without any notice.

Payment modes
Anticipated bank swift payment (wire)

In case of bank swift payment the merchandise will only be shipped after reception of total amount due and within the next 24 hours. The bank coordinates for wireing the money have to be asked.

Credit Card

We only accept VISA and MASTERCARD credit cards. By chosing this payment mode and filling the online form with all requested informations, the system leads to a safe summary page with all order details where to complete the payment.


By choosing Paypal payment mode and filling the online form with all requested informations, the system leads to a safe summary page with all order details. The system will then redirect you to a Paypal's server resident page, where the payment can be coompleted, without risks of financial information being communicated to the seller.

Scegliendo il metodo di pagamento PayPal e compilando correttamente il modulo relativo a dati personali e spedizione, si accederà ad una pagina riepilogativa, con tutti i dettagli dell'ordine. L’operazione di pagamento verrà effettuata su una pagina residente presso i server sicuri di PayPal, senza che le informazioni finanziare vengano comunicate al commerciante.

Any other condition will have to be agreed in written form with Digitalbird.


The shipment will be made with GLS at a fixed rate of 6,70. The delivery is made within 3 working days after order is successfully processed.There is also the option of collecting the merchandise from our warehouse.

Risk and property

The merchandise is usually shipped by us, insured and shipment costs charged on invoice; in case customer will take care of collecting merchandise, the risk is at the charge of the customer him/herself from the moment at which the merchandise is being collected. When delivered the customer must verify the integrity of packages and the quantitative and qualitative correspondance of the merchandise with what stated on transport document. The merchandise will have to be checked also in case of perfect packaging; in case of discrepancies, the customer will have to indicate it on the transport document and confirmed, within 7 days, by fax or registered mail to Digitalbird. Any complaint arriving beyond mentiond terms will not be taken in consideration. The customer takes full responsability of what he/she declares. Digitalbird is not responsable for any damage or loss, direct and/or direct, deriving from the sale of goods and services offered on the catalogue on Digitalbird website, nor for delayed or missed delivery of products, nor for the miscorrespondance of the merchandise with the specs published on the website, nor for any other fact not directly cheargable to the company Digitalbird.